Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the BHG, BVOT and SORBCOT, it is a great pleasure to invite you for their combined 2019 fall meeting, November 16 in Gent. As subject we have chosen “Distal radius fractures” a pathology that all orthopedic surgeons and hand surgeons come across in daily practice.

In the last 15 years the treatment of distal radius fractures shifted from conservative treatment to more operative treatment with volar plates. As can be expected after such a paradigm shift, the operative treatment is now being challenged by the scientific community through different types of trials and evidence-based medicine. In several countries there has been an evolution toward treatment guidelines often initiated by or based on the results of the above-mentioned trials.

The objective of the congress is to learn, discuss and reflect about our treatment options in distal radius fracture treatment and to gain insight into the dynamics of the making and implication of the treatment guidelines in daily practice.

An international faculty of surgeons who have actively participated in the development of their national guidelines will share their experience with us and will discuss the strengths, weaknesses and conflicting data: from the Netherlands J.W. Colaris, M.D., PhD (Erasmus University Rotterdam) , from the United Kingdom, Mr. Jonathan Hobby M.D. (Hampshire NHS), and from Norway Yngvar Krukhaug, M. D., PhD (University of Bergen)
We thrust there will plenty of provocative viewpoints and differences that can lead to a lively discussion about this subject.

There will also be time to allow our members to present a short free paper preferably focused around distal radius pathology. The topics can vary from review, clinical study our just a case study (3 min presentation + 2 min discussion for case reports, technique or anatomical papers, 5 min presentation + 2 min discussion for reviews or clinical studies). Please send your abstract to the secretary of the BHG (submission deadline15/10/2019).

Finally, we also include one hour of post graduate training in radio protection with relevance to orthopedic surgery.

We sincerely hope to welcome you all in Ghent on November 16 for a vibrant discussion on “Distal radius fractures” and the dynamics and implications of treatment guidelines in daily practice.

Accreditation in economics and radioprotection will be asked.

Jeroen Vanhaecke (OB Fall Course President)