Preliminary Programme

08.30 – Registration and Welcome coffee amongst the exhibitors

08.50 – Opening of the course – David Zorman

09.00 – Session 1: Biomechanics

Moderators: Bernardo Innocenti & David Zorman

09.00 – As a surgeon, do I need biomechanical information to treat my patients ? – Pieter Reynders (Orthopaedic surgeon, Brugmann University Hospital, Brussels)

09.10 – Knee Kinematics: pre and post TKA – Bernardo Innocenti (Engineer, Professor of Biomechanics, Ecole Polytechnique, ULB Brussels)

09.20 – Orthopaedics 2.0: from alignment to kinematics and beyond. – Lennart Scheys (Engineer, the Institute for Orthopaedic Research and Training, KUL Leuven)

09.30 – Elbow lateral stability after radial head arthroplasty – Fabian Moungondo (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital Erasme ULB, Brussels)

09.40 – A dynamic evaluation and modelling platform for Adult Spinal Deformities – Pieter Severijns & Thomas Overbergh (Physiotherapist & Engineer, the Institute for Orthopaedic Research and Training, KUL Leuven)

09.50 – How have biomechanic insights contributed to knee surgery? – Emmanuel Thienpont (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital St Luc UCL, Brussels)

10.00 – Discussion

10.10 – Session2: Biomaterials

Moderators: Olivier Cornu & Pieter Reynders

10.10 – Biofilms on implanted material: pathological role and therapeutic challenges – Françoise Van Bambeke (Pharmacist, Louvain Drug Research Institute, UCL Brussels)

10.20 – Surface modification of biomaterials for orthopaedic applications – Christine Dupont (Bioengineer, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve)

10.30 – Biomaterials for prosthesis, what are the key factors for success? – Claude Rieker (Engineer, Director of the European Scientific Affairs for Zimmer Biomet, Winterthur, Switzerland)

10.40 – Allergy and Biomaterials – Thibaut Thüngen & Harold Jennart (Orthopaedic surgeons, CHU Tivoli, La Louvière)

10.50 – Discussion

11.00 – Coffee break amongst the exhibitors

11.30 – Session3: CAOS, 3D imaging, virtual reality

Moderators: Thierry Scheerlinck & Emmanuel Thienpont 

11.30 – How to increase the precision of lag screw position in Gamma nails. Help of a dedicated software – Gilbert Taglang (Orthopaedic surgeon, CHRU de Stasbourg, France)

11.40 – 3D imaging – Thierry Scheerlinck (Orthopaedic surgeon, UZ Brussel, Brussels)

11.50 – Virtual reality – Emmanuel Thienpont (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital St Luc UCL, Brussels)

12.00 – The use of pre-op 3D planning and PSI in shoulder arthroplasty: do we need it in all cases ? – Olivier Verborgt (Orthopaedic surgeon, AZ Monica, Antwerpen)

12.10 – Computer assisted surgery in paediatric orthopaedics – Solange de Wouters & Pierre-Louis Docquier (Orthopaedic surgeons, Hôpital St Luc UCL, Brussels)

12.20 – Accuracy in CAOS: how can it be defined, measured experimentally, and analyzed from a clinical perspective? – Olivier Cartiaux (Neuro Musculo Skeletal Lab. IREC, UCL Louvain)

12.30 – In Silico Fracture Healing – Liesbet Geris (Engineer, Biomechanics Research Unit, University of Liège and KU Leuven)

12.40 – Discussion

12.50 – Securing the future of ‘Acta Orthopaedica Belgica’ : a common challenge – Frank Plasschaert

12.50 – Walking lunch amongst the exhibitors

13.50 – Session 4: Bone and Joint Biology

Moderators: Frédéric Schuind & René Verdonk

13.50 – Chondrocite transplantation – Johan Vanlauwe (Orthopaedic surgeon, Tissue Bank Director UZ Brussel , Brussels)

14.00 – Natural or synthetic bone substitutes – Olivier Cornu (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital St Luc UCL, Brussels)

14.10 – Reamer-Irrigator-Aspirator bone graft harvesting for the treatment of segmental bone defects – Willem-Jan Metsemakers (Trauma surgeon, University Hospitals Leuven KUL)

14.20 – Vascularized bone grafts: anatomy, physiology and clinical practice – Olivier Barbier & Xavier Libouton (Orthopaedic surgeons, Hôpital St Luc UCL, Brussels)

14.30 –  Mechanical aspects of flexor tendon suture – Frédéric Schuind (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital Erasme ULB, Brussels)

14.40 – Meniscal graft – René Verdonk (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital Erasme ULB, Brussels)

14.50 – Discussion

15.00 – Session 5: Biological Treatments

Moderators: Philippe Hernigou & Thomas Schubert

15.00 – PRP and  hyaluronic acid in tendinopathy – Jean-François Kaux (Doctor in Physical Medicine and Sport Traumatology Department, University Hospital of Liège)

15.10 – PRP and non-union – Serge Vander Velde & Anaïs Legrand (Orthopaedic surgeons, Hôpital Civil Marie Curie, Charleroi)

15.20 – PRP in Children – Robert Elbaum (Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeon, CHIREC Hospital Group, Brussels)

15.30 – Injectables for Osteoarthritis – Peter Verdonk (Orthopaedic surgeon, Antwerp Orthopedic Center, Monica Hospitals, Antwerpen)

15.40 – Therapeutic potential of stem cells and biomaterials in orthopedic surgery – Michel Toungouz Nevessignsky (Doctor in clinical biology, Center for Tissue and Cell Therapy, UCL, Brussels)

15.50 – Hip osteonecrosis treatment with stem cells – Philippe Hernigou (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital Henri Mondor, Créteil, France)

16.00 – BMP – Thomas Schubert (Orthopaedic surgeon, Hôpital St Luc UCL, Brussels)

16.10 – Discussion

16.20 – Coffee break amongst the exhibitors

16.40Session 6: ABAOT & BOTRA – Free papers – Best Communication Price

Moderators : Everard Munting & Guy Molenaers

5 Free papers, each 10 minutes

The best free paper will receive an educational prize of 1.000,00€

  1. Outpatient Total Hip Arthroplasty: the future?  Solange de Wouters (UCL)
  2. Long term clinical results for hallux varus correction by reversed abductor halluces transfer. Karolien Schwagten (UA)
  3. Could we predict infection after intramedullary nailing of tibial shaft fracture? Julie Manon (UCL)
  4. Efficacy of a new biphasic scaffold for treatment of focal knee cartilage lesions in rabbits. Jacques Hernigou (ULB)
  5. Minimally invasive corrective osteotomy of the proximal phalanx: A biomechanical study. Sten Deschuyffeleer (KUL)

17.30 – End of congress