Last updated 10/04/2023

Thursday 27 April

07:45 Registration & Welcome coffee amongst the Exhibitors

08:30 Welcome – Dr Nanni Allington & Pr Dr Frank Plasschaert

08:40 Session 1: From the trenches to Star War: How to be ready for war

Moderator: Dr Gerrit De Wachter & Pr Dr Jean-Emile Dubuc

  • 08:40 Surgical advances during WWI – Dr Virginie Cordemans
  • 09:00 The terrorist attacks in Brussels : What we learned – Dr Vincent Druez
  • 09:20 How to treat fractures in outer space – Dr Julie Manon
  • 09:40 Distal locking technique for intramedullary femoral nailing without fluoroscopy or traction table in a low-resource setting – Dr Loïc Fonkoué
  • 10:00 War-time-surgery – Dr Luc Noppen
  • 10:20 Questions & Answers

10:40 Coffee break and visit of the Exhibitors

11:00 Session 2: Research papers

Moderator: Pr Dr Thierry Scheerlinck & Dr Thomas Schubert

  • 11:00 Oseous reconstruction in massive allografts – Dr Robin Evrard
  • 11:20 Collagen cross-link anomalies following gamma irradiation – Dr Julia Vettese
  • 11:30 The impact of the complex ulnar anatomy on total elbow arthroplasty – Dr Jan Herregodts
  • 11:50 3D contralateral meniscus segmentation for allograft or scaffold sizing: a prospective study – Dr Jérôme Valcarenghi
  • 12:10 Distal femur morphology and outcome of arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy: is there a link? – Dr Jonas Grammens
  • 12:30 Novel preclinic relevant model of foreign-body infection in guinea pigs: vancomycin treatment evaluation – Dr Randy Buzisa Mbuku
  • 12:50 Questions & Answers

13:00 Walking lunch and visit of the Exhibitors

13:00 BVOT General Assembly (main conference hall)

14:00 Session 3: Efort Fora: Diversity, Inclusion among doctors and teams (Accreditation Ethics requested)

Moderator: Pr Dr Li Fellander-Tsai & Pr Dr Frank Plasschaert

  • 14:00 Opening of the EFORT Forum including short EFORT presentation – Pr Dr Li Fellander-Tsai
  • 14:10 General Concepts: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Engagement – Dr Deborah Eastwood
  • 14:30 How to support and include diversity among orthopedic surgeons – Pr Dr Catharina Chiari
  • 14:50 The authority gap and other CRM issues applying to the concept of inclusion and team approach – Dr Nanni Allington
  • 15:10 Evolution of parental leave and gender diversity. What´s beyond when it comes to resident selection? – Pr Dr Li Fellander-Tsai
  • 15:30 Diversity among Belgian Orthopaedic Surgeons : where to we stand? – Dr Céline Meert
  • 15:50 Summary of the EFORT Forum

16:00 Coffee break and visit of the Exhibitiors

16:30 Session 4: Diversity among patients and patient care

Moderator: Dr Pierre Burton & Dr Stijn Muermans

  • 16:30 Orthopaedics and Traumatology in the context of limited resources : experience of Cameroon – Dr Cédric Dongmo Mayopa
  • 16:45 Individualised Care: Seeing the Ability in Disability – Dr Deborah Eastwood
  • 17:05 Custom TKA as an argument for diversity, genetic differences – Dr Jeremy Daxhelet & Dr Gerald Delfosse
  • 17:20 The benefits of a dedicated Orthopaedic Trauma Room – Dr Cathy Feyder
  • 17:35 Challenges and benefits of digitisation and modelling: patient diversity in femoral curvature – Dr Tara Chapman
  • 17:50 Questions & Answers

18:00 End of Sessions

19:00 Cocktail at Brussels City Hall in the prestigious Gothic room

20:00 Walking dinner at the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée (CBBD)

This museum is located in one of the masterpieces of Art Nouveau designed by Victor Horta. During the dinner, you will have the opportunity to visit the museum, ask your questions to the guides and share some great moments with your peers.

23:00 End of Dinner

Friday 28 April

07:45 Registration & Welcome coffee amongst the Exhibitors

08:20 Welcome – Dr Nanni Allington & Pr Dr Frank Plasschaert

08:30 Session 5: How to manage common infection in general practice (not arthroplasty) in 2023

Moderators : Pr Dr Olivier Cornu & Pr Johan Vanlauwe

  • 08:30 Definition and Classification of fracture-related infection – Pr Dr Olivier Cornu
  • 08:50 Imaging in post-traumatic osteomyelitis – Dr Bruno Vande Berg
  • 09:10 Can we DAIR in FRI: Debridement techniques in osteomyelitis – Dr Jeroen Neyt
  • 09:30 Soft tissue management and reconstruction in post-traumatic osteomyelitis – Pr Dr Olivier Barbier & Pr Dr Xavier Libouton
  • 09:50 Bone defect management – Dr Dan Putineanu
  • 10:10 Questions & Answers

10:25 Presentation of Professional associations – Dr Jean Rondia

10:40 Coffee break and visit of the Exhibitors

11:00 Session 6: How to be sustainable … and keep diversity

Moderarors: Dr Christelle Conso & Dr Florence Mulpas

  • 11:00 Performance of the Belgian Health System: financial and human resources sustainability”– Mélanie Lefèvre
  • 11:25 Sustainable development and healthcare: which challenges for the future? – Dr Anne Berquin
  • 11:45 Pilot study on environmental impact of orthopaedic surgery – Bel-Ange Timbou
  • 12:05 How could the orthopaedic surgeon decrease its carbon footprint in the day-to-day practice – Dr Christelle Conso
  • 12:25 Reusable gowns for the OR “RECURE – a roadmap towards smart reusable healthcare” – Charlotte Harding
  • 12:45 Questions & Answers

13:00 Walking lunch and visit of the Exhibitors

13:30 Closed Session: European Examiner Course (on invitaton only)

Moderators: Pr Dr Jorge Mineiro, Pr Danny Mathysen, Dr Jean Rondia, Pr Dr Thierry Scheerlinck

14:00 Session 7: Fake News in Orthopaedics? and other ethical issues (Accreditation Ethics requested)

Moderator: Dr Deborah Eastwood & Dr Bernard Lefèbvre

  • 14:00 Acta Orthopaedica Belgica – Pr Dr Frank Plasschaert
  • 14:20 Plagiarism : what happened to Acta Orthopaedica Belgica – Pr Dr Luc De Smet
  • 14:40 Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Precision Medicine. The Hippocratic Oath Through a New Lense – Pr Dr Li Fellander Tsai
  • 15:00 The smiling orthopaedic surgeon syndrome – Dr Kris Govaers
  • 15:20 Is Chat GPT compatible with orthopaedic teaching? – Pr Dr Xavier Libouton & Pr Dr Olivier Barbier
  • 15:40 Questions & Answers

16:00 Coffee break and visit of the Exhibitiors

16:30 Session 8: Global orthopaedics : Engagement and challenges

Moderators: Dr Robert Elbaum & Dr Jan Noyez

  • 16:30 Global Orthopedics and a THP program in Burkina Faso – Dr Jan Noyez
  • 16:42 Management of axial malalignment in children – Pr Dr Pierre-Louis Docquier
  • 16:54 Management of neglected clubfoot in Low Income Countries – Pr Dr Greta Dereymaeker
  • 17:06 Reasons for refusal and abandonment of care in surgical emergencies in a tropical environment – Dr Adélaïde Kouassi
  • 17:18 Soft tissue coverage of compound fractures in a limited resource setting – Dr Bert Vanmierlo
  • 17:30 Case reports and discussion

18:00 End of Congress