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Booth nr Company Booth nr Company
1 Arthex 8 Johnson&Johnson
2 Heel Belgium 9 Zimmer Biomet
3 Grunenthal 10 Medical BNL & Ortho Grow
4 Aspen 11 TRB CHemedica AG
5 Fagron 12 Stryker
6 Lynxcare 13 DS Biological
7 Smith&Nephew 14

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Organisation: Société Royale Belge de chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologie asbl

Enterprise number: BE 0431.663.955

IBAN Sorbcot asbl: BE11 2100 9332 3348 (Sorbcot asbl)

Any donations made to this conference must be made public in the name of the submitting organisation, even if they have been paid into the account of Meet U There.