Last updated 14/04/2021

The Congress will be recorded and all the presentations will be available for 6 months.

Saturday 24 April 2021, Online session

09.00 Welcome – Everard Munting (Ottignies)

Moderators: Xavier Banse (Brussels) and Davy Hoste (Brugge)

09.05 The Game changers in the past – Jean-Jacques Rombouts (Brussels)

09.30 The Future: The game changers in one specialty applicable to all specialties – Everard Munting (Ottignies)

09.40 The past and today creates the future; The promise of registries – Peter Fritzell (Stockholm, Sweden)

10.00 Surgical planning of deformity correction and its application in the OR’ – Jean-Charles Le Huec (Bordeaux, France)

10.20 Contribution of machine learning in the management of adult scoliosis. The right procedure for the right patient – Ferran Pellisé (Barcelona, Spain)

10.40 Questions & Answers

10.55 – 11.10 Break

Moderators: Johan Van Lerbeirghe (Gent) and Nanny Allington (Liège)

11.10 Navigation and 3D imaging in pediatric scoliosis – Frank Plasschaert (Gent/Brugge)

11.30 High tech for High precision tumor resection and reconstruction – Xavier Banse (Brussels)

11.50 Endocopic surgery – the next step in spinal decompression – Christoph Siepe (Munich, Germany)

12.10 VR, AR, and Robotics: Can emerging technologies boost medical performance? – Andrea Luca (Milan, Italy)

12.30 Questions & Answers

12.45 Conclusion – Everard Munting (Ottignies)

13.00 End of Congress