The number of the Mdeon visa (compliant) : 19/V2/9788/006796

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Booth nr Company Booth nr Company
Gold 1 DePuy Synthes 16 Heraeus
Gold 2 Stryker 17 Amplitude
Gold 3 Zimmer Biomet 18 TRB Chemedica
Silver 1 Mathys 19 Promedionics
Silver 2 smith&nephew 20 Amplitude
1 Aspen 21 Stöpler
2 Adler Ortho Belgium 22 Materialise
3 European Cell and Tissue Bank 23 OrthoGrow
4 V!GO 24 Pfizer
5 Acertys 25 Spierings Orthopaedics
6 Sanofi 26  MoveUp
7 Integra 27 Fagron
8 Ortho Medico / Hospital Innovations 28 DS Biologicals
9 Medacta 29 Spentys
10 Medacta 30 VBS-GBS
11 Medacta 31
12 Arthrex 32
13 Arthrex 33
14 Aqtor! 34
15 Corin

Mdeon & Ethical MedTech

Mdeon: approved 19/V2/9788/006796 for the following companies: Acertys Healthcare nv, Adler Ortho, AMPLITUDE, Aqtor!, Arthrex BVBA/SPRL, Aspen Belgium, B&Co Inc NV/SA, Corin Belgium, DePuy Synthes Johnson&Johnson Medical Belgium, DS Biologicals, European Cell and Tissue Bank, Fagron Compounding Service, Heraeus Medical Belgium, Integra LS, Lima Belgium, Materialise NV, Mathys Orthopaedics Belux NV/SA, Medacta Belgium SPRL, MoveUp, OrthoGrow, Pfizer, Promedionics, Sanofi Belgium, Smith & Nephew NV/SA, Spentys, Spierings Orthopaedics, STÖPLER BELGIUM NV, Stryker NV/SA, TRB Chemedica AG , Vigo NV, Zimmer Biomet bvba

Ethical Medtech: Compliant EMT15086

Data BeTransparent

Organisation: Société Royale Belge de chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologie asbl

Enterprise number: BE 0431.663.955

IBAN Sorbcot asbl: BE11 2100 9332 3348 (Sorbcot asbl)

Any donations made to this conference must be made public in the name of the submitting organisation, even if they have been paid into the account of Meet U There.